Economical Threadlockers and Pipe Sealant

Jan. 20, 2006

Jet Lube offers four unique threadlocker formulas. For permanent high temperature 450°F (230°C) stud lock applications JET-LOK® TL 71-50 well suits applications with large diameter threaded parts. For high tolerance connections the JET-LOK® TL-90 Wicking/Retaining Sealant penetrates before curing. JET LOK® TL 22-50 Removable Screw Lock and TL 42-50 Nut Lock are vibration proof but their seal can later be broken with common hand tools.

For pipe connections JET-LOK® PS-92 and PS-67 Pipe Sealants with PTFE provide an instant seal and cures to burst pipe pressure. The PTFE content in this pipe sealant provides lubrication and prevents galling when connections are made.

• Density (lb/gal) 15.58 • Specific Gravity 1.87 • Flash Point 430°F (221°C) • Pot Life 75 minutes (avg.) • Maximum Exotherm 134°F (50°C) • Temperature Stability 400°F (204°C)