CombiTherm Plus Centrifugal Pumps

Jan. 17, 2017

CombiTherm Plus are heavy-duty, centerline mounted pumps that are designed to handle thermal fluids including mineral or synthetic heat transfer oil up to 660°F (349°C) at 360 PSI and hot water or glycol-based thermal fluids up to 400°F (204°C) at 450 PSI without the need for expensive auxiliary cooling or shaft sealing systems.


The optimized air cooling system ensures that the seal temperature does not exceed 220°F (104°C), even at process temperatures of up to 660°F (349°C) resulting in long seal life and minimal downtime. 

  • Ports ASME B16.5 300 lb.  - Standard heavy-duty flanges
  • Front End Design  - Wear ring in the pump casing, Anti vortex vane in suction port, Chambered graphite gasket, Back vanes, and labyrinth ring prevent particles from entering journal bearing and shaft sealing area
  • Centerline Mounted – Allows thermal expansion without affecting shaft alignment giving longer life to bearings and seals
  • Optimized Cooling Fan/Cooling Fins – Lowers shaft sealing temperature for increased bearing and seal life, no auxiliary cooling required
  • Journal Bearing Cartridge – Hard-carbon bearing bushing pumped liquid lubricated
  • Bearing Arrangement – Double row angular contact bearings, Bearing area sealed with contactless seals for no wear on the shaft, Bearing protected in case of seal failure