Spraying Systems Company, the world leader in spray technology, has introduced the 55400 Valve Package — a complete valve package featuring a safer and more reliable design than conventional packages.

In the 55400, electrical components are mounted separately from the liquid line, and the NEMA Type 4 panel is completely sealed to eliminate moisture damage. The panel is also lockable to prevent accidental or intentional damage.

In addition, a pressure switch shuts down fluid flow if no air pressure is detected, preventing product damage from unintended water release. There are separate atomizing and cylinder air lines with adjustable delay times to ensure proper liquid atomization.

Maintenance is substantially minimized with the 55400. The unit mounts easily with only four screws; clean-out needles on the air atomizing nozzles eliminate clogging when using regular water; and a self-draining air filter removes impurities.
Stainless steel components are available for applications that involve the use of deionized water.

Typical applications for the 55400 Valve Package include: