Chemline Introduces Versatile Exterior Coating for Pipelines

Jan. 27, 2006

But the list of features of CHEMTHANE 2261 is far more extensive than that. High impact strength is required while the pipe is being laid. In that case CHEMTHANE 2261 possess a Shore D hardness of 75. The earth is subject to changes in volume in response to changes in the amount of moisture in the soil. CHEMTHANE 2261 provides excellent microbe resistance to respond to these unpredictable changes.


“The coatings also have good permanent flexibility. This is important during repairs and installation, especially under field conditions,” says Steven Jacobs, an expert on anti-corrosion systems at Chemline. The chemical structure itself suggests that CHEMTHANE 2261 can easily meet both requirements. While the urethane groups ensure high flexibility, the hydrogen bonds of the coating’s N-H bridges provide the necessary mechanical strength.



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Since pipelines are laid everywhere from the Middle East to Siberia, CHEMTHANE 2261 is carefully formulated to have a balance between cold-temperatures and heat resistance. This means the product will resist cold-temperature impact without cracking, as well as resist suppleness and delamination at higher temperatures.


CHEMTHANE 2261 contains no solvents and it can be directly applied via the airless spray process using a two-component system. This product can be applied in a high build single pass to make production quick and efficient.


This makes CHEMTHANE 2261 more environmentally friendly than comparable solvent-based systems, it also cures faster. This is particularly important when the coating is applied at low temperatures. CHEMTHANE 2261 cures within 5 minutes at 77°F (25°C) versus several hours with epoxies. The coating is thus less vulnerable to dirt and small insects which can jeopardize other coatings.


When all of these factors are considered, CHEMTHANE 2261 offers a good price/performance ratio compared to other coating technologies.• 1:1 mix ratio • 100% solids/Zero VOC • Direct to metal application for faster production • AWWA C-222 compliant • 2000+ psi adhesion to steel • 75 Shore A hardness • 5200 psi tensile strength