The excelsior EX™ High-Speed, CNC Machining Center

Feb. 11, 2006
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE (February 1, 2006, Milford, NH) – Datron Dynamics, Inc. has introduced excelsior EX – designed for applications ranging from engraving steel and stainless steel to machining small parts from plastics, aluminum and brass – where tight tolerance and accuracy are of paramount importance. Specifically, EX stands for EXtra low-pitch precision ball screws. The use of these ball screws results in a resolution of ± 0.00008“ an absolute accuracy of ± 0.0005" and a relative accuracy of ± 0.0002". While extra low-pitch ball screws yield precision above the workpiece, a solid granite slab used for the machining table combined with an aged cast-steel chassis provides vibration-free rigidity beneath it. These features in concert with double-sided Y-drive precision guides and a 60,000 RPM high-frequency spindle make excelsior EX ideal for 24/7/365 industrial manufacturing of small, intricate parts. The excelsior EX comes standard with; a 20” x 20” machining area, 60,000 RPM spindle (capable of 475" per minute feed rates), Windows®-based controller and software, 5-tool Automatic Tool Management System, tool-length sensor and tool database, Ethanol-Mist Coolant System, full enclosure with safety interlock, removable chip disposal tray, C3 1GHz PC with 256 MB RAM, 17” LED flat-screen monitor, keyboard, hand-held controller, Ethernet and remote monitoring capabilities, CD-ROM and USB ports and a Smoothing (NURBS) function for 3D mold making. Other optional features include; Micro-Jet oil coolant for machining steel, Z-Correction Probe® for material surface scanning, Renishaw TP20 Probe for CMM functions, 2kW spindle for added strength and speed, 15-tool Auto Tool Changer Upgrade, an RPM Control for programming speed control and integrated vacuum tables, pneumatic clamps and vices. For machining graphite Datron offers an optional Graphite Vortex™ that keeps the dust swirling in a spiral air flow before it settles on surfaces and becomes hard to remove. The Graphite Vortex™ features a machining cylinder and a suction hose with special geometries that work synergistically to create a vortex effect. An industrial brush head extends the height of the vortex to capture stray particles, while at the same time, allowing the spindle and probe to move in and out of the machining area — without restricting their movements. Plus, a PCB Package available with the excelsior EX allows for milling, drilling and routing of PCBs without parts lifting from the machining table during the process. The proprietary pressure-foot brush assembly moves over populated and bare board products without damaging components or scratching the PCB — while at the same time, providing a downward pressure that eliminates lifting. This assembly, in concert with the dust extraction control-valve system provides an integrated solution for producing ESD-safe and dust-free Printed Circuit Boards. About Datron: Datron Dynamics, Inc. is the North American subsidiary of Datron Electronic, a German technology firm established in 1969. Since its inception Datron has been dedicated to a business methodology that strives for 100% customer satisfaction – and while this, in and of itself, seems commonplace, Datron’s means of achieving this goal is unique. It all starts with German Engineering and machine design that is centered around industrial durability, equipment longevity and maximized uptime. As such, Datron incorporates rugged materials like solid granite and concrete polymer for machining tables and aged cast steel for chassis construction. Internally, Datron machines are designed with modular, user-changeable components – including accessible mechanics and electronics that actually empower the operator with the ability to quickly exchange parts. We are differentiated in the marketplace by a focus on efficiency with small tools. Datron machines feature 60,000 RPM spindles that produce low force, feed rates of up to 1000"/minute and superior quality when tooling 0.250” and under. An integrated spray-mist ethanol alcohol coolant system provides for superb surface finishes, eliminates secondary processes like de-burring or de-greasing, saves production time, and helps to protect the environment. With an eye to the future, we have built Lean Manufacturing into our equipment and integrated options facilitate both Single Unit Pull and SMDE. These include our Z-Surface Probe™ and Automatic Tool Management System (with tool database, tool sensing and tool changing), as well as, Quick-Pallet™ and Vacumate™ workholding systems – all of which speed setup and overall cycle time.