Feb. 17, 2006

Sphinx Total Moisture Protection Packaging is designed to meet specific customer requirements and typically includes a plastic or foil barrier bag, desiccant packs, and a humidity indicator card. Featuring several color spots which change colors based upon RH (relative humidity) exposure, the humidity indicator cards reveal whether or not the package contents have been exposed to moisture and if so, to what percent RH.

Fully compliant with ICP/JEDEC J-STD-033B for protecting PC boards, the humidity indicator cards assure the dry packing of semiconductors when used with the appropriate barrier bag and desiccant. Custom barrier bags can be supplied in sizes ranging from 3” sq. up to 48” sq. Typical applications include protecting PC boards, instruments, and various consumer products.

Sphinx Total Moisture Protection Packaging is priced according to type of barrier bag, size, desiccant package style, and humidity indicator card configuration. Samples are price quotations are available upon request.