Current Data Logger

Feb. 15, 2006
Portable, economical, 8-channel current data logger is a standalone, battery-powered device that measures and records current in the –20 to 120 ma range. Small enough to fit almost anywhere, it records up to 16,383 current measurements through each of its eight input channels. With its 16-bit A/D converter it delivers a high resolution of 0.01 ma. Omega Engineering, Inc., Stamford, CT* Input Channels:8 non-isolated inputs * Memory: 16,383 readings/channel * Input connection: Screw terminal * Input Impedance: 10 ? * ADC Resolution: 16 bits * Current Calibration: Digital calibration is available through software * Calibration Date: Automatically recorderd within device to alert user when calibration is required * Recording Interval: 1 second to 12 hours selectable with software * Start Time: Start time and date are programmable through software * Real-Time Recording: Device can be used with PC to monitor and record data in real time * Memory Wraparound: Selectable in software * Power: 9 V lithium battery (included); 120 Vac power optional * Battery Life: 1 year typical * Time Accuracy: ±1 minute per month at 20°C