Wireless Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter

March 22, 2006
Wireless Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter - OM-CP-RFTC4000A Part of the NOMAD® Family The new OM-CP-RFTC4000A by OMEGA is an easy to use, portable, compact; battery powered, stand-alone thermocouple based temperature transmitter device. The OM-CP-RFTC4000A is a major leap forward in both size and performance.  When enabled, the wireless transmitter will transmit readings back to the host computer where the data can be analyzed in real time. For added security the readings are logged to the device memory. The convenient slide switch allows the transmitter to be turned On/Off without affecting the operation of the device. Data is received at the PC using the OM-CP-RFC101A receiver that attaches directly to the serial port. Received data is time and date stamped and stored directly in your PC. Windows software converts your PC into a real-time strip chart recorder. Data can be printed in graphical or tabular format and can also be exported to a text or Microsoft Excel file. Basic Unit $249• Dual Channel Ambient and Remote • Real-Time Operation • Automatically Converts Your PC into a Strip Chart Recorder • Multiple Transmitter Configurations • Automatic Thermocouple Linearization • Memory Wrap Around • Programmable Start Time