Hand-Held Thermometer

March 24, 2006
Model F100 precision thermometer features a range of –200 to 850°C, depending on the probe, with ±0.02°C accuracy and 0.001°C resolution. Two inputs allow direct temperature display from Pt100 or thermistor probes, or the ability to display the temperature difference between them. Measurements can be logged directly to a PC via USB port. The F100 will display statistical analysis, with average value, min/max, and standard deviation. It also displays ohms for use in probe calibration. Isotech North America, Colchester, VT • Probe Types Pt100 and Pt25 resistance thermometers plus NTC thermistors. • Thermometer Input Connectors (2) 5 pin industrial DIN socket with screw lock to connecting plug, accepting both normal and SMART probes • Communications USB interface • Data Storage Capability 16,000 reading (combined total for both inputs) • Data Entry Format ITS90, CVD and EN60751 • Display Units °C, °F, K or ? • Statistical Functions Average, Min/Max, and Standard Deviation • Power Ni-MH rechargeable battery • Dimensions 9.3"(232mm) x 3.82"(97mm) x 2.09"(53mm) (HxWxL) • Weight 0.5 kg (1.1 lbs)