Welding Gas Flow Limiter

April 13, 2006
WA Technology Introduces a System to Limit Shielding Gas Flow Rates on Most Popular Flow Controls This patent pending product allows a maximum shielding gas flow rate to be set on most popular flowmeters. This prevents welding operators from using excess gas flow that is not only wasteful but often creates a turbulent shield causing air to be pulled into the gas stream. The device is simply to use. First set the desired maximum flow rate. The Flow Rate Limiter then clamps over the flow control knob by tightening a set screw preventing increases from the desired level. Welders can still reduce the flow from that predetermined level as the application dictates. A locking system is available to assure settings are maintained. No alterations of the flowmeter are needed. The device may be used on regulator/flowmeters employed in cylinder shielding gas supply or those used on pipeline gas supply. WA Technology is committed to assisting fabricators manage welding shielding gas usage. For more information on ways to accomplish shielding gas waste reduction and maintain a turbulent free shield, visit www.NetWelding.com.