April 6, 2006

Multi-Rib belts feature lengthwise groove and provide drive by adhesion. Compared with conventional belts of the same width, Multi-Rib belts optimize the contact area, giving increased power transfer. A thin cross section profile allows for use with smaller pulleys than standard V-belts. Drive width can be reduced because there is increased surface engagement allowing for increased horsepower per inch of belt width compared to standard V-belts. Key applications include exercise equipment, mobility lifts, medical equipment, HVAC, agricultural mechanization, machine tools,

“More and more, Multi-Rib belts are being used in industrial applications where uniform belt tension, high speed reliability and reduced sound level are important,” explained John Rampe, President of Torque Transmission, “Our new line of drives and pulleys are optimized for use with Goodyear’s Poly-V, Gates Rubber Micro-V and other belt systems.”

Torque’s new Multi-Rib belt-friendly pulleys and drives are available in a wide variety of materials as well as standard and custom sizes.