Hägglunds Atom Hydraulic Motor

Aug. 12, 2021
Bosch Rexroth introduces a mini hydraulic motor with magnified power.

The smallest of the Hägglunds hydraulic motors from Bosch Rexroth has been transformed. The Hägglunds Atom takes over from the existing Hägglunds CAb—supplying not only more revolutions per minute, but also far more power than motors of similar size. The result is a tiny, power-dense package ideal for mobile, marine, and recycling applications.


Revamped and renamed, the Hägglunds Atom is a powerhouse in a miniature form factor, with a maximum torque of up to 13.6 kNm and a specific torque of 40 Nm/bar. Because it supplies full torque at speeds up to 400 rpm, it has a maximum power of 394 kW that outstrips other motors in its class.


Among those who will benefit from the Hägglunds Atom are customers in mobile, marine, and recycling applications. The compact and lightweight motor fits on a winch on land or at sea, and can easily handle shock loads at peak pressure of up to 420 bar. That opens the door to smaller shredders and other machines in tough and unpredictable applications.

  • Max torque: 13.6 kNm
  • Max speed: 400 rpm
  • Max pressure: 420 bar
  • Max power: 394 kW