PZV - New 4-Finger Concentric Gripper

April 17, 2006

SCHUNK introduces a new series of 4-finger centric grippers known as PZV. Currently, 2- and 3-finger grippers cover most industrial and automation handling tasks. They offer high positioning accuracy when gripping coplanar cylindrical workpieces. 4-finger grippers are required if cylindrical workpieces are palletized in a grid. In the case of a 3-finger gripper, however, at least one of the fingers interferes with a neighboring component. The PZV takes advantage of the given space at the quadrants of the workpieces with its four fingers. The PZV gripper is ideal for these applications.

To make the PZV versatile during other applications, you can use it as a parallel gripper for clamping different parts by mounting two different sets of fingers. This eliminates the need to change tooling, while also reducing setup time. The PZV is available in 4 sizes and achieves grip forces from 580 N (130 lbf) to 7,100 N (1,600 lbf). With strokes ranging from 6 mm to 25 mm per finger, the PZV has the capability to cover a large range of workpieces.

The PZV is built with proven technology from the 2-finger PGN-plus and 3-finger PZN-plus grippers using the serrated jaw design. The serrated jaw design and the proven wedge hook system gives these grippers a higher moment capacity, thereby allowing higher accelerations and heavier workpiece weight. SCHUNK has also provided mounting for inductive proximity sensors with fully adjustable targets and integrated mounting of magnetic switches.

• Stroke per finger mm [in] : 16.0 [0.630] • Closing force N [lbf] : 6900.0 [1551] • Opening force N [lbf] : 7300.0 [1641] • Weight kg [lbs] : 10.0 [22.05] • Recommended workpiece weightkg [lbs] : 34.5 [76.06] • Air consumption per double strokecm3 [in3] : 1040.0 [63.46] • Nominal pressure bar [psi] : 6.0 [87] • Minimum pressure bar [psi] : 2.0 [29] • pening time s : 0.15 • Max. permitted finger lengthmm [in] : 140.0 [5.512] • Max. permitted weight per fingerkg [lbs] : 3.5 [7.72] • IP class : 40 • Min. ambient temperature°C [°F] : -10.0 [14] • Max. ambient temperature°C [°F] : 90.0 [194] • Repeat accuracy mm [in] : 0.02 [0.0008]