Quick-Locking Pin Speeds Assembly

April 8, 2006
“SLIC” Pin, a quick-locking, one-piece pin, speeds assembly operations by functioning as a self-contained cotter pin. It features a solid, spring-loaded “wedge-shaped plunger” that easily and automatically retracts when the pin is inserted into a hole. When fully inserted, the plunger springs back, locking the pin into the application. There is no need to access the other side to secure another fastener, such as a cotter pin, nut, or clip. Clevis Pin head, grab ring, or other styles are available. Free samples are offered. Pivot Point Inc., Hustisford, WI • Basic Shank Diameter – 3/16 • Effective Length – as required • Shank Diameter A - .181 - .186 • Head Diameter B – 31 • Head Height C - .06 • Chamfer D - .040 x 22° • Approx. Wedge Height E - -0.35