New Snap-Line Of Swinghandles Install ‘In A Snap’

April 18, 2006

Features D-SNAP Technology

CHANTILLY, VA – DIRAK, a global innovator in latches, locks and hinges, has introduced a new line of swinghandles that is unique in the marketplace, because they are so simple to install. A moderate pressing motion is all that is required to install the swinghandle in place on a prepared panel. Swinghandles are ideal for gaining access to enclosures. Operating this handle is as easy as simply lifting the top portion and rotating the handle 135°. These handles are recommended for use with all sheet metal thicknesses on enclosures for data centers, as well as on any size cabinets used in the telecommunications and electronics industries.

The DIRAK swinghandles offer 4 - 6 mm compression, single and multi-point latching, and multiple locking options. DIRAK also offers an electronic version, called E-LINE, which comes equipped with software. The E-LINE system is an electronic swinghandle that allows you to control and monitor who has access to your enclosure with real-time data.

It is available for use with profile cylinders, standard inserts and a combination of insert / pad lock device. Systems are available for both flat and round rods.

Marketed under the SNAP-LINE brand, these swinghandles require no screws for installation. It eliminates the risk of screws that can loosen over time and fall out onto sensitive equipment where they can cause serious damage. SNAP-LINE swinghandles hold securely in place, even in severe vibration environments. Additionally, the strength of the product is

never compromised. SNAP-LINE swinghandles are made of polyamide and zinc die-cast and are also available in a variety of surface colors including: E-Coated Black, Polished Chrome and Black and Grey Polyamide. The actual D-SNAP “snap-in” mechanism is made of sintermetal. They are suitable for either RH or LH applications and many of the swinghandles are water and dust tight meeting IP65 and EN60529 certification (NEMA 4/12).

DIRAK can also customize designs for your unique application on doors and panels of all sizes.

SNAP-LINE swinghandles enable manufacturers to save time and effort in final assembly. Panel preparation is a simple rectangular cut-out. Traditionally, installing a swinghandle involves several steps: aligning the hardware, fitting washers and nuts, and tightening the screws. Installation of a SNAP-LINE swinghandle from start to finish, takes about as much time as merely aligning a part – the first step of traditional assembly.

DIRAK products are sold and distributed globally through a network of authorized sales representatives. Other products in the DIRAK modular Locking, Latching, and Hinging System family include quick release fasteners, quarter-turn fasteners, snap/push locks, knobs, handles, wing-L&T handles, hinges, and EMI/RFI gasketing.