Versatile, Durable Tap Switches For Industry

May 2, 2006

WEYMOUTH, MA — Electroswitch introduces the availability of their versatile, heavy-duty Rotary Tap Switches for use in industrial applications. Configurable for either manual or motor operation, these durable switches have dual (continuous/intermittent) ratings ranging from 100/150 to 1600/2400 amps at 600 volts and are available in single-, two-, or three-phase models.

Electroswitch Tap Switches are designed to withstand severe shock and vibration and feature low operating torque; high-pressure line contact; flame-retardant, nontracking insulation; precision-made nonferrous parts; an escutcheon; and a handle that accommodates two padlocks. All current-carrying parts of models rated for 200 or more amps are silver-plated. Models rated for up to 1000 amps have lightweight glass-fiber-reinforced bases, and models over 1000 amps have fabricated bases.

The basic design of an Electroswitch Tap Switch lends itself to modifications. Options include increased voltage and amperage ratings, angled terminals, key-interlock provisions, auxiliary switches for remote indication, an “OFF” position, and a mechanical-release handle. Additional capabilities such as series/parallel switching, wye-delta switching, generator winding controls, high-frequency switching, motor reversing, and polarity reversing are also available. Models are even available with built-in rotor-lubrication systems.

Prices start at $600.00 with delivery quoted at 8-10 weeks ARO.

Electroswitch is the industry leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of tough, reliable switches, relays, and other electrical systems products for utility, industrial, and military environments. The Electroswitch line of standard products is complemented by the company’s proven ability and willingness to modify, custom design, and test their switches and relays for virtually any application. The company takes pride in meeting customer delivery requirements, no matter how stringent.