Versatile Multi-Function MBT Eliminates Need To Stock Multiple Timers

May 12, 2006

The MBT Multifunction Block Timer from Canfield Connector enables users to reduce their component inventories by stocking one timer for a variety of mobile, industrial and automation applications. At just 77mm x 51mm x 13mm in size, the MBT is a full featured all-in-one timer featuring 12 modes of operation and a multitude of logic function possibilities. With a range of 12-240 volts, the MBT has a time range of .1 sec. to 33.3 hrs. and can trigger other MBT’ s in a cascade-type configuration for more complex requirements. Other features include epoxy encapsulation, Faston connectors, transient protection, on-board mode switches and adjustments and resistance to dust, vibration and humidity.

All Canfield Connectors are manufactured in the United States to the highest quality standards.• Maximum timer current draw: 2 mA (No Load) • Absolute max. input voltage: 240V AC/DC • Input voltage range: 24-240 VAC (50/60Hz) 12-240 VDC • Maximum output current: 1 Amp • Logic trigger in: 5-48 VDC (10k input impedance) • Logic trigger out: 5.5 V @ .55 mA max. • Mechanical trigger in: 80 mA max. current draw • Ambient temp. range: -20° to +60°C • Max. reset time: 50 ms • Repeat accuracy: ± 0.1% or 10 ms. (whichever is greater) • Time delay variable over ambient temp. range: +/- 2% • Enclosure material: ABS • Potting: Epoxy