Easy Engineering with Weidmuller’s New RockStar® Rectangular Connectors – Featuring Exceptional Standard Features and Rock Solid Connections

May 2, 2006
RICHMOND, VA (April 13, 2006) — The face of automation technology is constantly changing. The transformation from central to decentralized control concepts has long been observed as a significant trend. Modularity determines engineering design in both mechanical and control systems engineering. It increases efficiency, contributes considerably to reducing costs, provides modular construction, openness, and reduced maintenance and downtime. With rectangular connectors, connecting and disconnecting the electrical circuits of individual control systems is a simple “Plug and Play” process.

Weidmuller introduces a new generation of robust rectangular connectors - RockStar®. Innovative details include a high-quality die-cast aluminum housing with a stainless-steel locking system as standard, a high-quality multi-layered surface sealing, as well as laser-etched identification marking. With these standard features, RockStar® housings are suitable for corrosive environments and are ideal for industrial applications. They are available in versions with IP65 and the newly rated IP69k protection class ratings. Additionally, RockStar® housings are the only ones that fulfill the NEMA 250-1991, Type 4X standard. With integrated insulation strips, all housings are designed for high voltage applications.

RockStar® portfolio features four different types of housings such as, hood style, coupling, bulkhead and base. The standard housings are available in both “standard” and “high” profile designs and are formatted with either side or end locking levers. A stainless steel omega spring is used in the side locking system to ensure a reliable locking mechanism that prevents accidental openings. The locking system has been tested to both vibration and shock resistant norms.

The innovative design of the RockStar® housings also means that the customary threaded sleeve sockets for cable gland insertion is a thing of the past. Each RockStar® housing features additional integrated threads, so that there are no restrictions on the type of cable gland that can be used. The users choose the preferred gland for their applications.

Five connection systems are available including screw clamp, tension clamp, crimp, axial screw, and the new push-in direct connection. RockStar® rectangular connectors are the only ones on the market today offering push-in direct connection, which provides additional time savings in design and installation labor. All of the materials used for inserts and housings are free from toxic substances, complying with existing and planned international guidelines.

RockStar® connectors are available in a wide range of pole numbers – from 3 to 216, and ratings up to 1000V and 100A, both with and without a ground connection. The ground connection is designed in accordance with IEC 603 64-5-54 and DIN VDE 0100-540 specifications. The new generation of RockStar® connectors includes the MixMate product range as well as the ConCept modular system. The MixMate range features both signal and power contacts, thereby eliminating the need to have independent rectangular connectors for corresponding circuits. With the ConCept system connectors, users are able to create unique individual connectors. This system contains modules for connecting field bus and coaxial cables. In addition, the RockStar® connector series includes an extensive range of accessories and connector kits. The kit allows users to define the connector components needed for their applications – put together in a single package. Instead of having to manage numerous ordering and inventory part numbers, customers will have just one part number and a single storage point.

RockStar® rectangular connectors are individually packaged in plastic bags. This feature provides users with a considerable savings by eliminating costly partial quantities, and provides only the needed products. In addition, the plastic protects individual connectors from dust and moisture.

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