Mitutoyo ID-H Digimatic Multi-function Indicators set a new standard for accuracy, ease of use

May 2, 2006

(Aurora, IL) Mitutoyo America Corporation announces availability of new

ID-H Digimatic Series Indicators. Designed to be easy to use, these versatile indicators set a new standard for performance in applications calling for high accuracy (.00006” at 1.2” range and 1.5 µm at 30mm range) at a submicron level of resolution (.00002”/0.5 µm).

In addition to high accuracy, the new Mitutoyo ID-H Digimatic Indicators are designed for ease of use. All basic control functions are operated via a simple three-switch routine, while the extra large display provides excellent visibility, the result of its large, 3/8”/9.5mm character height.

The ID-H Digimatic Indicators offer RS-232C PC connectivity (requiring an optional cable) making possible external control of every indicator function while also enabling data output for SPC and other reporting routines.

The Mitutoyo ID-H Digimatic Indicators are also capable of remote control via an infrared remote controller, making them ideal for automated functions requiring multiple measurement stations since all necessary ID-H indicators can be controlled by a single remote.

The ID-H Digimatic Indicators are ideal for measurements requiring high accuracy with a long stroke (measuring range up to 2.4”) such as those found in automobile engine and powertrain applications, electrical/electronics manufacturing, as well as similar applications.

These indicators are also suited for automatic measurement where external (PC) control of the indicator is required.

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