triflex R Light Cable Carrier for Robotics

May 17, 2006
igus' lightweight version of the triflex R cable carrier provides a low-cost alternative for robotics that don’t require enclosed cable management.

A lightweight version of the triflex R multi-axis cable carrier provides a low-cost alternative for robotic applications that don’t require a completely enclosed cable management system. Unlike the standard carrier, which is built with enclosed, two-segmented circular links connected by a ball on one link and a socket on the next, the links of triflex R Light are a single segment. This leaves an opening between one link and the next, significantly lowering the weight and subsequently lowering the cost of the product.


It's reinforced by three fan-like supports that create three available compartments for cables and hoses, while the standard version has an inner support that connects to the link in two places, creating two compartments, and also has dual guide channels for optional fiber rods.


triflex R Light is ideal for a number of robotic applications such as tool changers, calibration equipment, laser & adhesive applications, and material handling. The 6-axis cable carrier moves multi-dimensionally on the x, y, and z axes. It can twist up to 380-deg. per yard, enabling easy movement around complex configurations.


triflex R Light also is a member of igus’ E-Z Chain product line, which saves valuable time for customers. E-Z Chains have a small opening along each link through which the cables are simply pushed through for easy installation or pulled out for fast maintenance. After inserting or removing the cables, the overlapping brackets automatically return to their original position.

  • Light version
  • Simply press cables in
  • Bend radius R: 2 to 5.7 in. (50 to 145 mm)
DesignLight version with "easy" design, cost-effective;
simply press cables inRange of Application For multi-axis movementSystem triflex RConnecting Principle Standard VersionSize Index 30Links/m 89Bend Radius[BR] 2 in. (50 mm)Pitch 0.4 in. (11 mm)Inner Height Bi 1 0.4 in. (11 mm)Inner Height Bi 2 0 in. (0 mm)Chain's Outer Width [Ba]  1.4 in. (34.5 mm)Chain's Inner Width [Bi] 0.5 in. (12.5 mm)Max. Cable Diameter (d1) 0.3 in. (8 mm)Max. Cable Diameter (d2) 0 in. (0 mm)