Parker Fluid Control launches new 830 and 835 series

May 25, 2006

NEW BRITAIN, CT/April 24, 2006 — Parker Fluid Control Division, manufacturers of the Skinner and Gold Ring lines of solenoid valves and the Sinclair Collins line of process control valves, has introduced the 830 and 835 Series, two- and three-way motorized control valves (MCV) with integrated linear actuators. The valve line features precision control for critical applications such as temperature and steam control, and systems that require electrical supply voltage.

Available in bronze or stainless steel, the new valves are manufactured with standard thread connections of 1/2 to 2 inches. The valves are available for on-off and modulating requirements. Their self-calibration capabilities and resistance to vibration help maintain consistent output performance. The compact design of the 830/835 Series maintain zero leakage capability and an ANSI Class VI shutoff.

Additionally, the valves are suitable for aggressive and high-corrosive fluids as well as inert gases, hot water, oils and steam. The 830/835 Series can operate with temperatures ranging from as low as -22ºF to as high as 392ºF. They can also withstand high flow and pressure requirements from 232 to 580 psi.

The 830/835 Series includes a host of special features. A proprietary IOS control board offers numerous functional, feedback and diagnostic capabilities. Limited switch adjustments provide pre-set point control. The valves’ anti-blocking feature helps remove debris that may become lodged in the valve seat and might otherwise prevent the valve from fully closing. Plus, characterized plug configurations include linear and equal percentage profiles to accommodate a wide range of flow requirements.

The 830/835 valves are suitable for a wide range of industries including food and beverage processing, HVAC building control systems, water purification and wastewater treatment, industrial steam boiler blowdown, chemical and plastics processing, and power plants.

Valve operation contains two options, available upon order. In case of power loss, a “fail-safe spring return” automatically closes the valve. Additionally, customers can order the valve with various operational speed times to suit their requirements.

New installation preferences include the capability to alter valve functionality with the aid of internal program switches. For example, the valves’ zero position can be programmed with the stem fully extended or retracted. Installation instructions provide complete details on the valves’ operational features.

A division of the Parker Hannifin Corporation, Parker Fluid Control Division is a global leader in the production of solenoid and process control valves. Based in New Britain, Connecticut, the division has a facility in Madison, Mississippi as well as a worldwide network of distributors. With its earliest predecessor dating back to 1885, the company currently offers the Skinner(tm), Gold Ring(tm), R Series, Sinclair Collins(tm), and new Angle Body Piston Valve lines.