Air Filtration System

May 31, 2006

FA2 Air Filtration System engineered for the effective capture of airborne contaminants (dusts and gases) with self-cleaning pre-filter, 99.97% efficient HEPA and large capacity gas/odor filter. Digital graphic display provides real time filter and gas monitoring utilizing electronic calibrated sensors. The FA2’s stainless steel cabinet and high performance variable speed blower is suitable for all environments/applications. Options include gas-specific sensors and adsorbents and specialty particulate filters.

About Fumex, Inc.
Fumex Inc. founded in 1985 designs and manufactures a broad range of air purification systems including dust collectors, hybrid dust/gas/odor units and dry gas scrubbers. Markets served include laser fume extraction, printing, pharmaceutical/medical manufacturing, laboratory equipment and general manufacturing. Product range consists of small unitary process specific air cleaners to large self-cleaning systems.

• Sound Level - 60 Dba • Weight - 101 lb, 46 kg • Blowers Performance - 210 cfm at 39” wc (357 m3/hr at 9686 Pa)