Decontamination Station

May 31, 2006
T-Pac decontamination station boasts an extra-long 10-ft liner to accommodate non-ambulatory patients on a stretcher or backboard. Extra-wide portals and extended length allow hazmat responders to easily access and slide immobilized victims over a roller system, through the station, while maintaining patient privacy. Andax Environmental Corp., St. Mary, KS• Color : Safety Orange • Includes: 4 structural frames with self-erecting Auto Roof (2 with integrated shower) 2 replaceable liners with 2” built-in drain 2 replaceable liners with additional extra wide portal and 2” built-in drain 8 privacy doors 4 warm air induction ports 2 gravity flow bag 4 stake kits 4 carry bags • Open (per De-Con Pac™): 5' L x 5' W x 8¾' H • Stored (per carry bag): 10" x 10" x 50" L