Light-Duty Footswitch Features Wide Target And Stable Base

June 3, 2006

A new, low-cost, high performance light-duty footswitch that features a wider pedal and supporting platform than conventional types is being introduced by ConnTrol International, Inc. of Putnam, Connecticut.

The ConnTrol Series 600 Footswitch features a 4” W target that won’t tip when stepped on because it has an extended steel base and a non-skid pad for added stability. Designed with a formed and contoured cover pedal which has no gaps on the sides, users can confidently step corner-to-corner on this footswitch without worrying about catching a corner or tipping it over.

Made from steel with a durable powder coating and non-skid rubber base pad, the ConnTrol Series 600 Footswitch is 4”W x 1.5”H x 3.75”D. This wide target, light-duty footswitch can be equipped with a variety of cordsets, plug styles, and custom colors to match customer requirements.

The ConnTrol Series 600 Footswitch is priced from $14.95 (list) ea., without cordset. Price quotations are available upon request.