DISPLAYTECH, LTD. RGB LED BACKLIGHTS OFFER RED/BLUE/GREEN COLORS CARLSBAD, CA MAY 18, 2006: Displaytech, Ltd. announces the introduction of a new series of RGB LED backlights for its chip on glass LCD’s with composite red, green, and blue LEDs. The three colors can be used individually to show red, blue, or green background colors, or in combination to make violet, yellow, turquoise, and white. The wavelengths of the LED colors are 635 nm for Red, 525 nm for green, and 470 nm for blue. The new backlights are lens type and operate at 3.2V, drawing between 60 mA and 120 mA, making them exceptionally well suited for hand held applications. Standard RGB backlights are presently available for graphics modules with dot matrices of 128 X 32, 128 X 64 (three sizes), 240 X 64, and 240 X 128. Custom designs can be tooled per customer’s specification. Pricing for a 128 X 64 backlight in combination with Displaytech S64128COG will be $10.49 for 1000 pieces. Displaytech, Ltd. is a Hong Kong manufacturer of standard and custom LCD’s, LCD modules, and custom assemblies. Displaytech products are sold in the USA through SEAComp, Inc.• External display memory : 64 KB max • Crystal oscillation : 20 to 30 pF • Ceramic oscillation: 30 to 100pF • Built-in feedback resistor : 900 k? (typ.) • Display duty : 1/16 to 1/128