NX Software with Advanced Technologies

March 3, 2022
The latest release of the NX Software from Siemens speeds up the process of achieving design and engineering goals.

Part of the Xcelerator portfolio of software and services, the latest release of the NX Software leverages advanced technologies such as artificial intelligence and advanced simulation capabilities. The intelligence-based design enables comprehensive optimizations and innovation by delivering over 1,200 user enhancement requests.


One highlight is the NX Topology Optimizer that helps to create parts based purely on functional and design space requirements.


The Design Space Explorer combines design space exploration with generative engineering to help designers automatically optimize a design against multiple objectives.


There is also increased AI and machine learning in the Selection Prediction and Select Similar commands. It uses shape recognition to identify geometrically similar components. The NX Voice Command Assist allows the user to invoke commands, navigate multi-level menus and operations, and teach the system words or phrases to carry out tasks.


Lattice structures within NX can now be optimized using Siemens’ Simcenter 3D simulation to derive the optimal lattice structure in a singular environment, eliminating the multiple design analysis steps required traditionally.

  • NX Topology Optimizer
  • Design Space Explorer
  • Increased AI and machine learning in the Selection Prediction and Select Similar
  • NX Voice Command Assist
  • Lattice structures within NX