Reel-Fast System Cuts Installation Time by up to 50%

June 20, 2006

Holyoke, Mass., June 2006 – Stevens Roofing Systems has introduced the Stevens Reel-Fast method for faster, more accurate installation of its popular DeckGrip Fasteners. The Stevens Reel-Fast is a roll of 500, pre-spaced, DeckGrip metal seam plates, spooled in a clear plastic sleeve. When unrolled onto the membrane, the plates are perfectly positioned for installation.

“The Reel-Fast method not only provides labor savings of up to 50% when compared to installing loose plates and screws, it also ensures that the plates are spaced perfectly in the lap,” said Stew Snoddy, vice president of marketing for Stevens Roofing Systems. “The Reel-Fast system helps eliminate the guesswork and lets you accomplish more in a day.”

The 2 3/8-inch DeckGrip Seam Plates are used in conjunction with the Stevens DeckGrip Fasteners, which range in size from 1.25- to 16-inches. The DeckGrip Fastener and Plate combination is approved for use with Stevens EP and Stevens EV membranes on steel, wood or structural concrete roof decks and has achieved Factory Mutual Global ratings of up to 1-195 for both membranes.

Stevens Reel-Fast system is available in both 6-inch and 12-inch on center configurations (15.25 cm and 30.5 cm). Installers simply attach the first plate in its correct location on the membrane, and then walk the length of the membrane allowing the reel to unwind, leaving the plates perfectly positioned for the installation. The Reel-Fast system comes with a plastic locking tie that also serves as a carrying handle for unwinding the spool.

Immediately available, each DeckGrip Reel-Fast reel weights 25 lbs. (11 kg), and is packaged two-reels/box.