Readout System for Video Based Metrology Applications

July 7, 2006
New QC300 Digital Readout System combines readout, video monitor, crosshair generator and video edge detection in one display with direct “live camera feed”.Bedford, NH, USA. (May 2, 2006) –- Metronics Inc., the world’s leading developer of software and digital readout devices for metrology applications, announced today the introduction of Quadra-Chek 300 (QC300), an advanced digital readout system that combines multiple video measuring functions in a powerful, single compact display unit. Metronics proprietary technology combines video display, cross line generator and automated edge detection, providing users significantly improved accuracy, increased measuring speed and reliability. The QC300 features a large, high-resolution LCD monitor for vivid, full color display of parts,2-D measurements and controls, plus integrated direct camera input that provides “live feed” video display. Parts and video measuring routines are conveniently displayed in one line of sight, on one screen. Automated video edge detection is also offered. The QC300 is ergonomically designed with intuitive, touch screen functions and graphical icons, is easy to learn, use, and install. “The QC300 represents a significant leap forward in video inspection” said Mr. William Chambers, Product Specialist at Metronics. “It is a powerful, cost effective, easy-to-use readout solution that will reduce errors, speed inspection throughput and greatly improve accuracy and repeatability.” The QC300 has enhanced programming features such as alpha-numeric program naming, user messages, and “arrow to target” stage directions to operator. The automatic point entry, based on stage movement to the correct position, provides faster measuring throughput and with the auto edge detection option, operator subjectivity is also removed, greatly reducing errors.Four video tools are offered with the integrated video edge detection option Straight Crossline - which allows operator to select edge position Offset Crossline - for locating difficult edge Single Edge - automatically finds a point along an edge within a circular target Multi-Edge - arrow targets direct stage positioning for multiple points along an edge Multiple feature types are also provided with the QC300, such as Measuring Magic® and constructions, allowing complex parts to be measured with ease. Tolerance displays translate data-intensive reports into at-a-glance visual displays that are easy to read. The QC300 will also record measuring routines and store them as a program.QC300 is also very versatile when it comes to connectivity and has a large memory capacity for the storage of programs. It has interfaces to USB ports for computers and printers, RS-232 for serial communication, and an I/O port for interface to lights sources. BNC and S-Video connections are also provided with the video edge detection option.Founded in 1983, Metronics Inc. develops metrology software and digital readouts for measuring and inspecting 2D and 3D components. Metronics’ manufacturing center and headquarters are located in Bedford, NH, U.S.A.