Irwindale, Calif. --May 23, 2006-- Falcon® Electric, Inc., a leading supplier of power protection and conversion solutions today introduced its SSG Series® 500VA Frequency Converter. The new 500VA unit is a high performance single-phase on-line frequency converter, voltage regulator and line conditioner that provides highly flexible and reliable AC power. Utilizing field-proven double-conversion design, the new converter offers unmatched power quality including galvanic isolation without sacrificing efficiency, size or weight. At only 14 pounds, the SSG Series unit is the lightest in its class. It is ideal for use in critical applications such as process control, test and measurement, robotics and communications/microwave and drilling rigs, as well as in locations with poor or missing ground systems. Accepting a 45 to 440Hz input and yielding a fixed crystal controlled 50 or 60Hz output, Falcon's compact converter provides precise voltage regulation and line conditioning. The SSG Series converter can easily accept wide input variations and remain at their designed voltage and frequency; allowing connected equipment to continuously operate during extended brownouts to 88 VAC. Featuring high frequency galvanic isolation, connected equipment is isolated against damaging high voltage transients and common mode noise. As a solid-state generator, the SSG Series eliminates costly power problems including noise, harmonics, frequency and phase shifts. Easily operating in temperatures ranging from 0 C to 40 C, the SSG Series is an ideal solution for harsh environments. Due to the unit's regenerative on-line design, the frequency converter regenerates clean pure sinewave computer-grade power with tightly regulated plus or minus 3 percent voltage and plus or minus 1 percent frequency; independent of generator voltage and frequency drift. In addition, the converter is designed to start up loads that exhibit high inrush when started from the utility. Challenging power loads such as motors, multiple computers and/or incandescent lighting are easily handled by the SSG's precise design. Availability and Pricing Available now, the SSG Series 500VA Frequency Converter is UL listed and meets FCC Class A and CSA requirements. List pricing starts at $990 and includes a one-year warranty. About Falcon Electric Headquartered in Irwindale, Calif., Falcon Electric, Inc. is a leading supplier of power protection and conversion solutions. For well over a decade, Falcon has been dedicated to offering the latest in technology, superior engineering standards, and unmatched technical support and customized solutions. Falcon manufactures power systems that meet the exacting standards of the government, financial, telecom, computer and other industries that demand the highest product reliability to meet their critical power needs. • Nominal AC Voltage - -2 Models 208-240Vac • AC Voltage Range - -2 Models 160-276Vac • Frequency - 50/60 Hz ± 5% (Auto Tracking) • Power Factor Correction - > 0.97 (at full load) • Surge Suppression - IEEE/ANSI C62.41