Grace Engineered Products announces a thru-door ProfiBus network tap that mounts on a control panel exterior. The GracePort® D3-Series interface allows users a convenient way to temporarily connect to a ProfiBus network without opening the control panel door. Thru-door products, like this, are gaining popularity because they simplify NFPA 70e compliance and reduce personnel exposure to hazardous voltages.

The D3-Series Profibus Interface supports a 12MB data transfer speed and includes an integral end-of-network termination resistors and switch. This allows users the ability to install the ProfiBus network tap anywhere along the Profibus cable run. The D3-Series interface mounts in Nema Type 1, 12/4 (IP-65), 4X, 4X-Stainless Steel (304 & 316), UL recognized GracePort® housings.

Users can combine the D3-Series ProfiBus interface with power receptacles and other data cables/connectors into a single assembly. This provides users flexibility for accessing other non Profibus devices inside control panels without opening the enclosure door.

Moreover, when users specify a GFCI receptacle on their GracePort®, it includes the new GFCI Inside-Outlet™. The Inside-Outlet™ GFCI employs a unique design by combining both an external and an internal control panel GFCI receptacle into one assembly. This increases safety and saves time by making the GFCI TEST/RESET functions available to maintenance personnel from the outside of the control panel. With an Inside-Outlet™ as part of a GracePort®, a separate internal utility receptacle no longer needs to be wired inside the panel.

In 2002, the NFPA 79 Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery mandated that control panel utility outlets have GFCI protection. The electrical safety (NFPA 70e) factors combined with the GFCI requirement have changed the application of the simple control panel utility receptacle. For example, a GFCI can only be proven effective when its TEST/RESET function is performed monthly under live power. Unfortunately, opening a control panel (NFPA 70e) requires personnel to don protective clothing, which turns a simple 30 second TEST into a 30 minute task! The perfect solution is for maintenance personnel to operate the GFCI TEST/RESET function from the outside of the enclosure with the Inside-Outlet™.

The GracePorts® line of convenience interfaces extend the data ports of internally mounted devices from the inside, to the outside of control panels. Grace provides over 8000 different combinations of cables, connectors, and outlets in NEMA 1/12/4/4X, IP-65, stainless steel, and Nema 7/9 housings. All ports are clearly marked as to their function. Orders are processed in any quantities with a typical 3-5 day delivery.