OPTIMISER 11 Fan Specification App

April 12, 2022
The OPTIMISER 11 Fan Specification App is an easy-to-use resource to specify the most efficient Multi-Wing fan for your application.

The easy-to-use OPTIMISER 11 Fan Specification App is ideal for specifying fans in heating, ventilation, air-conditioning, and refrigeration (HVACR).


The intuitive interface on the app accesses essential fan curve data, such as horsepower and sound information for select static pressure and cubic feet per minute data. Users have flexibility for modifying their dashboards, including color selection for customized visual display of fan performance curves and data preferences.


As an impeller selection software, it will use your operational, performance, and mechanical parameters to take you through each phase of the fan selection process and relevant documentation. Product support literature is built into the program.


The basic version of the app is available to everyone to download. Access complete data and advanced features by contacting Multi-Wing or your sales engineer.

  • The previous version of the OPTIMISER app will not be updated with the newest fan information
  • The basic version of OPTIMISER 11 is available to everyone to download by visiting the Multi-Wing website
  • To access complete data and advanced features, please contact your sales engineer, call (440) 834-9400 or email [email protected]