Sampling Wand Handles All Terrain

Nov. 8, 2019

A result of collaboration with landfill operators to improve efficiency, the SEM Rover provides functional improvements to the LANDTEC SEM5000 methane (CH4) detector and is ideal for landfill surface emissions monitoring (SEM). 


The rover is a wheeled sampling wand that enables compliance with sampling regulations, regardless of the terrain or field conditions. It is constructed of a lightweight, high-strength aluminum framework with a durable, high-visibility powder-coat finish. Operator ease is emphasized with an adjustable push handle along with three large wheels that maintain stability and ease transit over all types of ground. The rover holds the sample wand inlet at a consistent 5 cm from the ground at all times. The SEM Rover will help minimize operator fatigue and speed up sampling on fields where grounds are not regularly maintained.


Using patented LASER technology, the SEM5000 methane detector brings unmatched reliability, accuracy, and ease of use in one package. Unlike flame ionization devices (FID), the SEM5000 methane detector has a very short start-up time (less than two minutes) and no risk of flame-out and associated restart. There is no need to carry an external gas bottle during sampling, and most importantly, there is no open flame in a potentially explosive environment.


The SEM 5000 methane detector offers onboard GPS tracking, built-in memory for up to 450 hours of sampling and automatic report generation. The SEM Rover maintains proper sample probe height, orientation, and shielding from transient wind as described in EPA Method 21 – Determination of Volatile Organic Compound Leaks. The collected sample data can be easily downloaded via Bluetooth connectivity to a PC to automatically generate standard compliance reports.