High-Performance Pushbutton Switches For Heavy Equipment Applications

June 30, 2006

Haverhill, MA, - APEM Components, Inc., a leading manufacturer of high quality miniature and industrial switches, introduces its high performance 13000X778 Series professional grade push/pull pushbutton switches. These switches are well suited for industrial, heavy equipment, construction and military applications where superior durability and safety are required.

The 13000X778 family of switches is sealed to IP67 and features a double shell case for superior mechanical strength and electrical insulation. The positive detent action and the five-pound actuation force help to ensure reliable operation. The switch is offered with a red anodized aluminum actuator. Special colors are also available.

The 13000X778 Series comes standard with gold-plated, solid silver rivet contacts and a matte black chromium finish for a non-reflective appearance. The switch is suitable for ultra-low level applications of 10mA at 50mV and for power applications up to 4 Amps at 125VAC.

About APEM
Since 1952, APEM has been a leader in the manufacturing of high quality miniature and industrial switches. Offering one of the broadest product lines on the market, APEM’s switch line includes pushbuttons, rockers, slides, DIPs, rotaries, tacts, keylocks, pushwheels and snap-action switches. APEM also provides a wide range of industrial controls, membrane switches, panels, and keypads.• Max. current/voltage rating with resistive load : 2A 250VAC - 4A 125VAC - 4A 28VDC • Minimum load : 10mA 50mV, 10µA 5VDC When used above 300mA 28VDC, the gold plating is removed on contact areas and is considered only as a protection against oxidation during storage. • Initial contact resistance : 10 m? max. • Insulation resistance : 1.000 M? min. at 500VDC • Dielectric strength : 1.000 Vrms 50 Hz min. between terminals 2.000 Vrms 50 Hz min. between poles 2.000 Vrms 50 Hz min. between terminals and frame • Contact bounce : 2 ms max. • Electrical life : - At 2A 250VAC - 4A 28VDC : 10.000 cycles - At low level (50mV 10mA) : 150.000 cycles 28 VDC 125 VAC 250 VAC Volts 48 VDC