Enhanced High-Precision Load Cell for OEM Market

July 4, 2006
Setra Systems, Inc., a leader in precision weighing instruments, has announced an improved Mass Monitor moment-insensitive load cell for original equipment manufacturers. By utilizing Setra's unique variable capacitance sensor and custom electronics, the Mass Monitor offers high resolution and weighing accuracy that is 10 times greater than conventional strain-gauge technology. The Mass Monitor is ideal for products and systems that use a digital signal and require a highly accurate load cell. The Setra mass monitor has been used in a wide range of applications for a variety of industries - automotive finishes, manufacturing of asphalt, parts fabrication, to name a few. And it is rugged enough to withstand the rigors of any industry from splattering enamel to piece weighing 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The Mass Monitor is comprised of Setra's patented variable capacitance ceramic sensor, weighing platform, custom signal conditioning circuitry, and an optional electronic display board. The load cell module is available in any weighing capacity from 200 grams to 50 kilograms, and is accurate to 10 ppm. Software enhancements include resolution selection, a choice of display update settings, and expanded calibration options for operating in harsh environments. The load cell can be easily installed in virtually any scale base or other weight-supporting structure using only three bolts. Supplied electronic circuitry automatically linearizes and compensates the load cell's output signal for temperature. The circuit also includes a display connector and RS232 serial data interface for bi-directional communications with the controlling or indicating device.