Poly-Bag Filling and Net-Weighing System For Rubber Compounding Operations

July 5, 2006
Brunswick, OH--Bulk Equipment Systems Technology (B.E.S.T.) Inc. has developed a twin-screw, poly-bag filling and net-weighing system that facilitates safe, accurate, efficient batching for rubber compounding operations. The system eliminates labor-intensive handling of batching materials and ensures accurate amounts of materials in each batch. System components include B.E.S.T. Inc.’s MTU-4000 bulk-bag unloader with two-ton electric hoist, powered trolley and powered agitation paddles; B.E.S.T. Model TSF twin-screw feeder; and B.E.S.T. Model PBC-50 portable poly-bag clamp/scale station. Material flows from the bag to the bulk-bag unloader’s hopper. The twin-screw feeder draws material from the hopper and feeds it into a polypropylene bag that sits on the scale. When the bag reaches the predetermined weight, the pneumatic bag-clamping assembly seals the bag and the system is ready to repeat the process. All process functions are coordinated through B.E.S.T.’s NEMA-rated programmable control system and a digital weight indicator. B.E.S.T. manufactures bulk-bag unloaders and loaders in a variety of sizes with a wide array of features to accommodate most applications. B.E.S.T., Inc., is a leading manufacturer of precision-engineered equipment, systems and controls for the rubber, plastics, chemical, food, recycling, and other dry powder and solids processing industries.