MC600 Six-Channel Controller Designed For Gas Detection Receives Class I, Div 2 Approval

July 1, 2006

LAKE FOREST, CA—June 13, 2006—With its breakthrough modular design for monitoring combustible and toxic gases, the MC600 Multi-Channel Controller from General Monitors is now available for Class I, Division 2, applications in hazardous environments.

Featuring a microprocessor-based design, the modular MC600 Multi-Channel Controller offers reliability, flexibility and value-added economy in gas detection systems. The six-channel MC600 provides continuous gas monitoring when equipped with General Monitors’ gas sensors/transmitters and is designed to protect people, equipment and facilities in hazardous environments.

The MC600 Controller is designed with a rugged, corrosion and weather-resistant, Type 4X housing that is configured with mounting brackets. An optional onboard 115/230 VAC power supply is also available and provides Class I, Division 2 classification. Signal conditioning boards for H2S/hydrocarbon sensors and a 4-20mA interface for intelligent detectors are easily installed or removed from plug-in slots.

The MC600 is compatible with General Monitors’ hydrocarbon and H2S sensors and intelligent transmitters, as well as their infrared detectors and TS-Series toxic gas detectors. It is a scalable solution that can be used as either a local gas detection system or networked to provide a large plant-wide distributed safety system.

Designed with dual redundant Modbus communications, the MC600 provides complete status and control capability. Due to its modular design, the MC600 offers easy installation, a long life span, and an attractive return-on-investment. Typical applications include chemical and petrochemical plants, compressor stations, gas processing, pulp and paper mills, refineries, steel, utilities and wastewater.

The MC600 comes pre-configured from the factory, saving installation time with minimum setup required. Removable terminal blocks allow for easy installation and wiring. A front panel user interface includes six independent LCD channel displays and keypad for setup, calibration and gas reading functions as well as ready, alarm and fault indicators. Six user-configurable 8-amp relays with selectable zoning and voting are included.

The MC600 features six backlit LCD display modules that each have two lines, with eight characters available per line. Large multi-colored LED Ready, Alarm, Warning and Fault indicators (that are easy to read in daylight) supplement the LCD digital displays, and keypad controls are provided for setup, calibration and gas reading functions, and self-test.

The MC600’s six auxiliary 8-Amp relays are user-configurable to activate external devices such as horns or beacons on any of the six channels’ alarm or warning setpoints. They feature independent user-configurable options for Zoning, Warn, Alarm Lo or Alarm Hi activation set points, energized/de-energized, latching/non-latching and timed delay.

About General Monitors
Founded in 1961, General Monitors is a leading-edge manufacturer of combustible gas, toxic gas and flame detection monitoring products of the highest quality. The company has been third-party certified to ISO 9001:2000 requirements. Corporate headquarters in Lake Forest, California comprise a modern engineering design center, R&D, manufacturing, sales and service complex. A facility in Galway, Ireland supports the EU with engineering design, R&D and manufacturing. Sales and service offices are maintained in Houston, Texas, Singapore, the United Arab Emirates, and the United Kingdom.

• Weight - 12.75 lbs. (standard), 14.7 lbs. (with power supply) • Temperature Range - -4°F to 140°F (-20°C to 60°C), with power supply 14°F to 140°F (-10°C to 60°C) • Input Power - 24 VDC (20-36 VDC) - Std • Dimensions - 15.5” x 13.3” x 6.7”