SCHAUMBURG, IL – (June 2006) – In order to meet the need of various industries for angle encoders without bearing that feature higher accuracies and large hollow shafts, HEIDENHAIN Corporation now introduces its expanded series of new ERA 4000 angle encoders. Perfect for use on a wide range of rotary motion systems, spindles, and other motors, this family of encoder boasts legitimate incredibly high accuracies, multiple unique easy and stable mounting methods, and reference marks that can be distance-coded to provide semi-absolute positioning. The newest family member, the ERA 4x80 version, is mounted using a centering collar method. This low profile encoder system does not require centering methods as the precision machined centering collar mates with the precision machined shaft of the motion system. With 7 standardized diameters, system accuracies are offered with the 20 µm grating period version from +/- 6.1 arc seconds with the smallest diameter to +/- 2.8 arc seconds on the largest diameter. The second family member, the ERA 4x81 version, is the weight reduced T profile version which is mounted using the 3- point centering method. These three centering marks are placed on the ring at 120 degree intervals to point to the exact center of the ring while it is on the ultra-precise HEIDENHAIN manufacturing device, and then the encoder gratings are written onto the ring so that when the centering marks are used during installation, non circular geometries of the ring and gratings are eliminated. Encoder system accuracies of +/- 8.6 arc seconds are offered with the smallest diameter of the series using 20 µm grating period and +/- 2.8 arc seconds for the largest diameter in this group. The third family member, the ERA 4x82 uses the 3- point centering method for installation and has the highest accuracy of the series. This version with the same inertia as the ERA 4x80, but without the centering collar, offers system accuracies from +/-5.1 arc seconds to +/- 2 arc seconds for the largest diameter. All three family members use the same scanning unit per diameter and have a movable faceplate, thus allowing for the best signal possible to be obtained from small easy adjustments to it. The faceplate will maintain position even under the toughest machine vibrations. The ERA 4000 series is available in seven different diameters, ranging from an outer diameter of 52.65 mm to 331.31 mm and grating periods of 20, 40 or 80 microns. The electrical output is available in 1 Volt Peak to Peak analog interface. The series mass production dates will start in the 4th quarter of this year. Prototypes can be ordered now for testing on application feasibility. HEIDENHAIN CORPORATION is the North American subsidiary of DR. JOHANNES HEIDENHAIN GmbH, a leading international manufacturer of precision measurement and control equipment. The product line includes linear scales, rotary and angular encoders, digital readouts, digital length gages, CNC controls and machine inspection equipment.