The SPIRALIFT SC8500 Screenings Conditioner is the newest addition to Franklin Miller’s innovative line of screw screening devices. The SC offers the same effective washing performance as the larger SC1600 but with a lower headroom profile for smaller applications and installation in tight plant locations. The unit takes screenings discharged from a bar screen and washes, grinds, compacts, de-waters, and discharges them into a container for disposal. In operation, screenings drop into the SC hopper where they are washed by the upper spray nozzles and then finely ground by a 5 hp TASKMASTER® TM8520 shredder. The SPIRALIFT conditioner's intensive spray wash system rinses organics from sceenings and flushes them back into the system flow. The screenings are then dewatered in the unit's press zone, and pushed through the unit's "elephant trunk" discharge tube. This combination of grinder and press technology along with rugged construction makes the SC uniquely effective as well as durable. The SPIRALIFT SC8500 can be installed behind a new mechanical bar screen or as a convenient retrofit to an existing installation. The unit features a 2 HP auger drive along with the 5hp grinder. The grinder features an 8 inch by 20 inch opening and "cutter cartridge" technology which replaces individual cutters and spacers with rugged one piece cartridges for increased unit strength. The tank enclosure and hopper are constructed of durable stainless steel. A PLC-based control system that monitors and integrates the entire system is supplied