New Plastalloy™ Chip Collector Magnets for Harsh Metalworking Environments

July 22, 2006

Cincinnati, OH –Plastalloy™ chip collector magnets from The Electrodyne Company Inc., capture metal filings, chips and other ferrous materials which would otherwise damage downstream components. These unique magnets work in temperatures to 150°C, are oil resistant, and are suitable for the extremes of most metalworking applications including cutting fluid recirculation systems. Special pressure-sensitive adhesives are available to hold the magnets in place.

Plastalloy™ can be magnetized using various magnetization methods including conventional, two-poles each side, multiple-poles, or with custom magnetization patterns to suit many demanding chip collector applications. Lead free Plastalloy™ is ROHS and EN71 compliant, making it ideal for environmentally sensitive applications.

Plastalloy™ can be bent, twisted, and flexed without the loss of magnetic energy. It is available in magnet sheets, strips or die-cut shapes, with options including pressure sensitive adhesive, polarity identification, customized formulations, and special cutting techniques. Electrodyne’s veteran staff can provide technical assistance, including the production of specialized compounds and magnetizing fixtures to meet customers’ demands.

With over thirty years of experience and nearly 50 patents awarded to them, The Electrodyne Company Inc., is an industry leader in magnetic material design and manufacturing. Their fully equipped lab can perform testing to include magnetic hysteresis, magnetic field mapping, tensile strength, elongation, gauss measurements, heat aging, pull testing, and more. All facilities are ISO 9001/2000 registered for quality assurance.