Blue and White Illlumination Options for Series 84 Pushbuttons

July 15, 2006
EAO, the Expert Partner for Human Machine Interfaces offers crisp blue and white LED illumination options for its Series 84 range of pushbutton switches. These options are in supplement to the current options of single or multi-chip LED’s in red, yellow and green. The highly aesthetic, extremely low profile, flush mount illuminated Series 84 pushbuttons are available in either aluminum or plastic bezels and in a standard 22.5mm cutout. The pushbuttons are robust, benefiting from protection up to IP67. In complement to EAO’s Series 84 range, the illuminated pushbuttons can be connected by either 300mm ribbon cable or plug-in terminals. This enables the pushbuttons to be safely adapted to PCB’s of different heights. A double-blade, slow make switching system ensures pleasing tactile operation and guarantees reliable switching, even of very light loads. With a maximum rating of 42VAC/DC, 100mA, these switches are ideal for PLC level signals. Featuring a minimum low back panel depth and being just 2.0mm from the front, the ergonomic design of EAO’s Series 84 pushbuttons makes them ideally suited to contemporary control panel designs where space is restricted. Complete standard Series 84 illuminated switches and indicators, sealed to IP67 standards, are priced at just under $15.00 per unit in small quantities. These units are also readily available from stock in a variety of colors and voltages. • Front size 25 mm dia. 32 mm dia. 40 mm dia. • Front protection IP 40 IP 65 IP 67 • Mounting hole size 22.5 mm dia. 30.5 mm dia. • Switching System Short-travel switching element • Slow-make switching element • Switch rating 250 VAC, 5 A 42 VAC, 100 mA • Illumination LED