Lead Detector Kit

July 15, 2006
JNJ Industries’ new Lead Detector Kit instantly reveals the presence of lead – often existing as an invisible residue on work surfaces – enabling manufacturers to remediate these residues, and helping them to maintain a healthy, safe work environment as well as meet new RoHS/WEEE compliance guidelines. As electronics manufacturers remove lead solder from manufacturing lines, invisible traces of toxic lead may remain on a multitude of surfaces such as assemblies, workbenches, tools, machinery, material handling systems, storage areas, and more. Lead residue constitutes a health hazard as well as a contamination threat to lead-free manufacturing. JNJ Industries’ new Lead Detector Kit offers two proprietary test methods that instantly reveal traces of lead. The Lead Detector wipes and swabs indicate the presence of lead quickly by displaying a pink to red color when lead is present on hands and surfaces, indicating that further hand washing or surface cleaning is necessary to completely remove lead. The more intense the color; the higher the concentration of lead. Lead Detector wipes and swabs can be sent to a laboratory for quantitative analysis of lead content. Once lead is detected, it can be removed with JNJ’s Lead Remediation Task Force Kit containing JNJ’s new patent-pending Lead Eliminator. Lead Eliminator completely removes lead and other heavy metals residues. JNJ’s Lead Detector Kit can be used in any manufacturing environment where lead is used, such as battery manufacturing, welding, stain glass, and metal working facilities. JNJ’s Lead Detector and Lead Remediation kit products are also sold separately.