Hybrid Power and Signal Circular Connector

Dec. 12, 2017
CONEC's hybrid series of connectors feature a safe and secure connection via a bayonet locking mechanism.

A hybrid power and signal circular connector that saves time and costs for cabling, installation and maintenance for conventional wiring of applications like motors, servo drives, linear units/drives and more has been launched. By combining power supply and data transmission into one single connector, the compact SuperCon Series hybrid connector system saves space by eliminating the need for an additional wire and connector.


The rugged IP67-rated connector features a safe and secure connection via a bayonet locking mechanism.


The SuperCon Series is available in three different sizes, depending on specific applications: B12, B17 and B23. While the number of pins and the permitted voltages vary depending on the size, the 360 degree shielded data core is always the same and is designed for industrial Ethernet Cat 5 with wire cross section AWG22.


Each pin layout is available with a minimum of two different codings that are marked by different color rings. Thus, mismating is impossible.


Sockets are available in various housing variants for front- and back panel mounting and the installation heights vary on the outside or the inside of the housing. Thus, decentralized wiring chains can be realized with and without daisy chain topology with a cost saving one-cable solution.