CADSEEK™, Streamlining CAD File Searches for Parts & Assemblies

July 25, 2006
Ask design engineers what they think about searching for CAD parts data when designing a new product. Or ask manufacturing employers what they think of parts redundancies in their CAD files. Your questions are as likely to be met with groans as with definitive answers. Then ask about geometric search technology and you’ll likely find a puzzled look and little or no awareness that 3D search technology exists at all – until now. iSEEK Corporation has entered the marketplace with a unique, powerful and proven shape-based search technology. Called CADSEEK™, it seamlessly integrates with an organization’s CAD software to perform fast and accurate, geometric-based parts and assembly searches. A CADSEEK user can even navigate through an enterprise-wide CAD database by zooming in and “flying over” the entirety of files represented as a virtualreality- like universe of spheres on one computer screen. iSEEK co-founder and CADSEEK technology inventor Dr. Abir Qamhiyah states, “We developed a coding algorithm which captures the totality of shapes, including surfacing information and associated detail. As a result, CADSEEK’s shape coding is extremely accurate, producing unparalleled search precision for parts and assemblies.” According to Curt Carlson, iSEEK’s Executive Vice President of Business Development, CADSEEK uses 3D part geometry as the basis for the search, rather than text based descriptions or volume (voxel) technology used by other companies. Dr. Qamhiyah adds, “Shape coding is always accurate where the voxel approach has precision limitations. Another difference is the linear (or unlimited) scalability of CADSEEK and that it works regardless of the orientation of the part being searched. And at present, CADSEEK is the only product that can search complex assemblies accurately.” iSEEK Corporation 2501 North Loop Drive, Suite 1850 • ISU Research Park • Ames, IA 50010