Complete Line of Air Driven Liquid Pumps

Aug. 1, 2006
Maxpro® Technologies introduces a revised and expanded 24 page catalog detailing its complete line of Maximator® Liquid Pumps. Maximator high efficiency pumps are an economical source for hydraulic power and ideal for a broad range of oil, water, and chemical applications. These air driven pumps feature a variety of ratios for outlet pressures to 60,000 psi. Maximator hydraulic pumps require no electricity or lubrication and cycle automatically. The pump stops automatically when the output pressure forces and the air drive forces are equal. The pump restarts with a slight drop in the outlet pressure or an increase in the air drive pressure. The catalog lists various applications and the appropriate series of pumps for each: water, soluble oil/water mixtures, oil and chemical service. It describes how to select a Maximator pump and how a liquid pump operates. Detailed information on each of the twelve pump series inclu des features, technical data, drawings and dimensions, and flow rates at various outlet pressures. In addtion, this new catalog covers the various pressure systems available from Maxpro that utilize Maximator pumps. These systems include power packs, pump skids, portable test carts and test benches. A complete line of accessories are highlighted, such as air control packages, pneumatic pilot switches, lubricants, reservoirs, relief valves, cycle counters and plumbing gauges and valves. Maxpro Technologies is the North American distributor of Maximator power products including liquid pumps, gas boosters, and air amplifiers, as well as a designer and manufacturer of various pressure systems utilizing these Maximator products. * Easy to install and operate * Standard ratios available for pressures to 60,000 psi * Economical source for hydraulic power * Pressure maintained without energy consumption * Pilot air valve is unregulated for easy restart and better pressure control range on S-D, LO and L series pumps * Requires no lubrication * Explosion electrical power required * External spool valve for faster and easier maintenance, standard on all but PPO series * Outlet pressure can be preset by use of simple optional air regulator