New Open Frame Precision Positioning Stage

July 27, 2006
BURLINGTON, MA, July 13, 2006 --Steinmeyer, Inc. announced a new open frame precision positioning stage model KDT 180 – DC. This XY table offers a sleek low profile design with an overall height of only 32 mm and square footprint of 199 x 199 mm. Total travel is 60 mm in each direction with straightness/flatness deviation of 1 micron. Included inside the compact stage are the drive mechanisms for each axis - a precision preloaded miniature ball screw, coupled to a dc motor with rotary encoder. Manufactured from high strength anodized aluminum, the table weighs just 2.5 kg, yet can handle loads of up to 50 Newtons. It offers a positional accuracy of 5 µm and repeatability of 1 µm. Speeds up to 10 mm/s and accelerations of 0.1m/s² are easily achieved.