Allentown, PA, July 17, 2006 – Stanley Vidmar has introduced a new line of Industrial Work Centers. The new Work Centers come with a dual lock system that creates two sets of independently lockable drawers or doors in a single cabinet housing. The dual locks solve a common problem faced by companies where more than one person must share a workspace while working different shifts: how to keep each worker's tools and supplies secure. The Work Center line offers all the design versatility that Stanley® Vidmar® cabinets are known for. Customers can choose from three housing heights, two housing widths, and fifteen drawer heights. The array of drawer choices includes the option of having from one to five full-width drawers on top, along with nearly any combination of drawers and cabinet doors below. Drawer interiors can be organized with traditional Stanley® Vidmar® partitions and dividers. And housings can be ordered with a pallet bases, wheels, or stainless steel leveling feet, making them suitable for stationary and mobile applications. Together, these options let customers assemble a virtually unlimited array of custom configurations to accommodate nearly any work need. And they make it possible for each of the two workers sharing the Work Center to have combination of drawers and doors best suited to them. Vidmar® sales engineers will design a Work Center to meet the needs of any industry or occupation, including:
  • Welders
  • Metal fabricators
  • Industrial electricians
  • Truck and automotive technicians
  • Robotic test cell technicians
  • CNC Machine operators
  • And many more

Today's companies demand the same efficiency, productivity, and profitability from their shop floor as they do from the customer service and sales departments. By offering a quality, versatile storage system tailored to any job, the Industrial Work Center line helps them meet these demands.