Conduit Connectors With Strength and Corrosion Resistance

July 27, 2006
Thomas & Betts introduced T&B® Fittings Stainless Steel Liquidtight Conduit Connectors to meet the demand for conduit fittings that function well in heavily corrosive environments. The first of its kind, the connector’s body and gland nut are constructed of stainless steel, offering the corrosion resistance of non-metallic fittings and the strength, durability and ultraviolet resistance of conventional metallic fittings. “Stainless steel liquidtight fittings provide the ultimate protection in corrosive environments,” said Craig Yoss, senior product manager for Thomas & Betts, Industrial Products Group. “They offer the strength of steel and the protection of stainless. They’re ideal for food and beverage, petrochemical, pulp and paper, wastewater and salt water applications.” Designed to connect metallic-cored liquidtight conduit to a box or enclosure, T&B® Fittings Stainless Steel Liquidtight Conduit Connectors are available in straight, 45-degree and 90-degree configurations in sizes to fit conduit from 3/8 inch to two inches. The line’s UL® Listed Ratings are 3, 3R, 4 and 4X. The line is also CSA listed. Connectors in sizes of 3/8 to one inch offer a steel ground cone with a Dura-Plate® finish, which offers six times the comparative resistance to salt spray per ASTM B-117 of standard plating. Connectors in sizes of 1 1/4 to two inches offer a brass ground cone plated with nickel. Sealing Ring Gaskets (5262 Series), available separately, include a stainless steel retaining ring to prevent elongation of the gasket and are made of Advanced Elastomer Systems L.P.’s Santoprene®, which ensures a superior seal. Stainless steel and standard locknuts also are available separately