Arlington Heights, Illinois – July 10, 2006 – Bright, virtually indestructible, and able to bounce back from abuse, the Wobble Light Jr.™ takes the same features that made the Wobble Light® an instant success – durability, simplicity, and safety combined into the world’s only 360-degree, self-righting work light – and retools them into a smaller, more portable model. Like its successful predecessor, the Wobble Light Jr. provides the ultimate safe and convenient answer for tradesmen seeking to replace more complicated lighting solutions that can easily tip over and break, become too hot to handle or need continual adjustment. Its smaller 27-inch height, compact 13-inch base and lighter 15-pound weight make it the perfect solution for powerful illumination in smaller spaces. “The biggest idea in lighting just got smaller,” said Doug Collins, vice president, Wobble Light. “The demand for the Wobble Light has been incredible, and the Wobble Light Jr. is our response to consumer demand for this one-of-a-kind lighting solution.” The Wobble Light Jr. has many features that make it the ultimate lighting gift for everyone from experienced do-it-yourselfers to weekend warriors and working moms, including:
  • Stability and Durability. The rounded, counter-weighted base is self-righting and keeps the unit upright, and the floating shock system protects the bulb from jarring and strikes no matter how many bangs or bumps it receives. No additional support is required.
  • Brightness. A polycarbonate dome delivers a powerful 360-degree light source, and three different models provide lighting output from 10 to 30 feet so that users can choose the model that best meets their needs.
  • Safety. The internal ventilation system ensures that the unit stays cool – no risk of burns or fire hazards. And the protective dome prevents bulbs from ever shattering.
  • Simplicity. The smaller height, lightweight design and built-in handle allows for easy portability and quick setup, while a separate power outlet built into the base lets users plug in a power tool or daisy chain several units together to light a larger area.

Available at retail locations throughout the United States in October, the Wobble Light Jr. comes in three different models based upon the amount of light output needed – a 150-watt incandescent model (providing 10 feet in diameter of output), an 85-watt compact fluorescent model (20 feet in diameter of output), and a 100-watt metal halide model (30 feet in diameter of output). The manufacturer’s suggested retail price starts as low as $60, making it an affordable solution to temporary, at-home lighting needs.

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