DynoLABTM PT Test Cell Control System

July 26, 2006
SAKOR Technologies, Inc., a recognized leader in the implementation of instrumentation products for powertrain system testing, introduces version 4.4 of its DynoLABTM PT Test Cell Control System. Highlights include multiple performance enhancements, updated instrumentation drivers, and improved data-logging capabilities. The latest edition of the DynoLAB system features a high-performance database logging subsystem. As a result, customers can log multiple data streams at high speed, and synchronize them with other data sources. The system can be linked to virtually all database and data analysis software via an industry standard Microsoft SQL server interface. This provides for extremely flexible and efficient access to all logged data via a simple query search. The DynoLAB PT is based on SAKOR’s DynoLAB Test ExecutiveTM, the most user-friendly test automation system available. It provides the ability to create complex test sequences without the need for highly specialized programming. Version 4.4 offers further performance enhancements to this industry-leading system. These include faster I/O throughput and support for more external devices. Enhanced test development tools allow SAKOR customers to more quickly develop displays tailored for each unique test situation. For example, entire display panels can now be quickly replicated and then modified to present the desired parameters without the need to separately create each new display. The DynoLAB PT 4.4 system is ideal for engine and power-train testing, and provides cost-effective, reliable testing of engine and drive-train components in performance, durability, and quality control applications. It’s distributed Ethernet and Wireless (IEEE 802.11g) Ethernet I/O configuration offers increased bandwidth and noise immunity as well as unparalleled ease of installation, maintenance, and future expansion. The system seamlessly integrates external devices, including all types of dynamometers, throttle actuators, spark & fuel controllers, combustion analysis systems, emission analyzers, and other smart I/O devices into a single, coherent test system.