Thermofilm® H194U Adhesive

July 27, 2006

Windsor, Connecticut — July 13, 2006.... For general purpose bonding and product assembly, Scapa North America offers Thermofilm® H194U, a nitrile phenolic thermosetting transfer adhesive that activates and cures on exposure to heat and pressure, securely bonding a wide variety of materials.

Thermofilm H194U is formulated for bonding, laminating, and mounting applications involving fiberglass, glass, fabric, high and low surface energy materials, and a range of other substrates. The 2.6 mil transfer adhesive provides high bond strength that is considered structural for many applications.

Once cured at 150 to 250ºF, Thermofilm H194U offers excellent resistance to solvents, plasticizers and heat. It can be used for heat seaming, gasket bonding and splicing woven fabrics such as fiberglass cloth. The product is also ideal for laminating PVC, polyester, aramid films and plasticized materials and is supplied with a 60# kraft release liner.